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About Consulto

Industry: Public Financing Consultancy

Consulto is a leading consultancy firm in France specializing in public financing. It assists businesses throughout their public financing procedures, helping to reduce the cost of investments while allowing companies to focus on their core activities.

Services: Consulto offers a comprehensive range of services, including identifying public aid opportunities, establishing a financing strategy and a provisional schedule, managing administrative procedures to solicit selected aids, and providing complete support to secure financing. They cater to various sectors, including technology, energy, and construction, and support different types of investments such as production equipment, digital transition, R&D, and export.


Consulto had started sending a newsletter and started noticing issues because they were getting less meetings and clients started telling them their emails landed in spam.

On top of this, their previously very successful email outreach campaigns started to show signs of deliverability issues (aka much lower open and reply rates).


✅ Implemented new domains for their email outreach campaigns and newsletter

✅ Set email authentification protocols up (DKIM, DMARC, SPF)

✅ Warmed up their email and domains with Inbox Warmer


→ 3X reply rate: from 2.68% to 7.5%

→ 2X open rate: from 40% to 75%

→ Generated $51,000 of closed deals in 1 month


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