Peblo 3X their lead pipeline before being acquired

99%Email Delivery
74%Open Rate

About Peblo

Industry: Financial Solutions for Media Representation

Peblo is a financial platform designed to expedite payments for talent agencies, podcast networks, and content creators. It offers upfront payment for brand deals, handles all invoicing and vendor setup, and assumes all risk associated with late payments or defaults.

Services: Deal financing, invoicing and collections management, risk elimination, accounting automation, and a Creator Payout tool for prompt talent payment. Available in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and EU, Peblo offers two solutions: Peblo Flex for any size business, and Peblo Pro for businesses with $5m or more in revenue.


Jake Browne, the founder, observed that their sales email campaigns weren't performing well, with low open and reply rates. After pivoting their startup, it was crucial for their email outreach to succeed and drive sales.


✅ Implemented DKIM, DMARC, SPF

✅ Set up custom tracking domain

✅ Warmed up email account with Inbox Warmer

✅ Identified tests and more personalised email subject line

✅ Verification of their email lists


→ Open rates of sales emails went from 27% to 74%

→ Tripled lead pipeline

→ Got acquired a few months later by Wayflyer, a fintech leader 🎉


Inbox Warmer

Ensure Every Email Reaches Its Destination And Stays Out Of Spam Folders.

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